Tri Cities seeks SMRs for post clean up future

A comprehensive piece on last week’s Nuclear Energy Task Force meeting in Pasco, Wash.

Neutron Bytes

Despite predictions that the grandchildren of today’s nuclear waste workers will still be at it, there is an end to the billions of dollars in federal funds for cleanup at Hanford.

NuScale Power LogoEconomic development efforts in the Tri-Cities region around Richland, WA, turned their focus to the potential to become a manufacturing center for small modular reactors. Their pitch for support includes getting a state legislative task force on board to provide help in landing an assembly plant for one of the major vendors. Two of them are nearby in the Pacific Northwest being NuScale in  Corvallis, OR, and TerraPower in Bellevue, WA.

Of the two, NucScale has better commercial prospects due to its reliance on light water reactor (LWR) technology. TerraPower’s unique, and as yet unproven, design will need partners with very deep pockets to license its technology and build a first of a kind unit. NuScale will offer customers…

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