Fishing for issues, but not all issues scale

A good read on nuisance lawsuits being filed against nuclear energy facilities across the country.

Neutron Bytes

With spent fuel off the table for the moment as a way to put the nuclear genie back in the bottle, environmental and economic tactics are being used to seek closure of operating reactors.

  • flounderGreen groups seek leverage over future of power stations in NJ, NY & WA  with focus on water quality permits promoted as a means to save fish
  • NRC calls issue of minor concrete cracks in secondary containment at Davis-Besse “irrelevant” for 20 year license extension

For years anti-nuclear groups have used the tried-and-true tactic of throwing as many political, economic, regulatory, and technical issues they can find against the wall in an effort to make one or more of them stick. The objective is to reach the point where a utility throws up its hands and walks away shutting down the reactor in the process.

This tactic worked in Vermont where Entergy’s Vermont Yankee, a profitable…

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