TVA’s Watts Bar 2 makes progress towards NRC license

Update on new reactor progress from Neutron Bytes…

Neutron Bytes

  • Watts Bar Unit 2 Passes Key Milestone on Path to Operating License
  • Bellefonte’s uncertain future
  • Dominion seeks third reactor at North Anna

TVA’s Watts Bar 2 nuclear reactor, now nearing completion, has cleared a major regulatory milestone toward being the country’s first new nuclear generation of the 21st century. A key advisory group for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has recommended moving forward with the process to grant an operating license for Watts Bar Unit 2.

In a letter to the NRC Chairman, the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards noted that “there is reasonable assurance that WBN 2 can operate as the second unit of the dual unit Watts Bar Nuclear Plant without undue risk to the health and safety of the public.”

“This completes a critical regulatory step in the process to start up the nation’s first new nuclear unit in 20 years,” said TVA Chief Nuclear Officer Joe Grimes.

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