A Reasonable Approach to Dose: The Tri-Cities Conference

Here it comes – beginning this Monday at the Pasco Red Lion – our chance to fix the legacy Linear No-Threshold hypothesis, or LNT.

LNT asserts that all radiation is bad radiation. Since each of us receives about 600 millirem (6 mSv) of radiation annually from background sources like dirt and cosmic rays (and this doesn’t account for medical/dental x-rays, air travel, eating potato chips, living in basements, etc.), I’m surprised the human race has been able to live with itself all these years. Why haven’t we lobbied nuclear opponents to help us close the planet down?

The industry’s position of “as low as reasonably achievable” would be fine, except that, well, it’s simply not reasonable. Those of us who bring clean, zero-carbon nuclear power to serve 20 percent of the nation’s electric needs are, inadvertently through our own terms and definitions, helping to fuel public fear of radiation.

Scientist and Forbes Energy blogger Jim Conca; environmentalist and California gubernatorial candidate Michael Shellenberger; former NuScale Power CEO and co-founder Paul Lorenzini; and a host of others are gathering in the Tri-Cities next week to try and rectify the situation.

These smart folks – experts from around the globe – are going to get together to debate, collaborate and formulate a new model – a proposal on how to guide our regulatory and social approach to radiation going forward. Bloggers Meredith Angwin and Rod Adams will be on scene reporting as the progress unfolds. We should anticipate development of an approach based on nearly 60 years of scientific study and, yes, reasonableness.Low-Dose Conf logo

Registration is still open – hope to see you there!

ANS & HPS joint news release:

The American Nuclear Society and the Health Physics Society have joined to provide an international forum of current nuclear expertise to evaluate whether existing low-dose protection standards should be reconsidered. Ethical standards for many, including radiation biologists and epidemiologists in recent years, call into question the justification for unintended consequences that may result from adherence to the long-established model.

Featured speakers include William Magwood, Antone Brooks, Michael Shellenberger and Gayle Woloschak. Nuclear expert at Atomic Insights Rod Adams [www.atomicinsights.com] and Nuclear Advocate Meredith Angwin will cover the meeting through their blogs. One of the media contacts will send an email with links to the posts at the end of each program day.

The conference will be held in Pasco, Wash., Oct. 1-3 at the Pasco Red Lion. For program details, visit our website at lowdoserad.org.

News media are invited to attend the meeting. Please coordinate interview requests with one of the media contacts:

Gerald Woodcock, Arrangements Chair, 509-308-6452
Anna Markham, Communication Chair, 509-377-8162

(Posted by Mike Paoli)


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