Why We’re Here

Columbia Generating Station and this blog

Many of the blog posts will be about Columbia Generating Station. CGS has been an asset to the region. It provides 1,190 MW of safe, clean, reliable, cost-effective power. It also provides good jobs, charitable donations, and taxes. Columbia Generating Station is a boon to the state and the region.

This blog is sponsored by Energy Northwest, owner of Columbia Generating Station. This is a blog, however, not a series of policy statements by Energy Northwest. The opinions expressed in this blog are the opinions of the bloggers. Statements in this blog are not official policy statements of Energy Northwest.

We are looking to further the important discussion of our energy future. It’s that simple.

Meredith Angwin Blog Author

Meredith Angwin
Blog Author

About the blog author

Currently, Meredith Joan Angwin is the lead author on this blog. She is a physical chemist who worked most of her life for the power industry. Her background includes fossil fuels (patents in NOx control), risk management for natural gas pipelines, economic and corrosion assessments for geothermal energy, and corrosion control in nuclear power plants. She was a project manager at EPRI, first in renewable energy and later in nuclear energy. She blogs at Yes Vermont Yankee and at ANS Nuclear Cafe.

http://yesvy.blogspot.com/   http://ansnuclearcafe.org/

Other blog posts will be written by members of the Energy Northwest team and by guest bloggers. Each blog post will be signed by the author.

The Relatively Local Picture

This blog is about electricity in the Northwest. This blog will cover the regional grid, regional power issues, and regional power generation. It will support a clean energy future for the Northwest.

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